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Are you feeling run down or stressed out all the time?

Are you depressed or anxious?

Are you experiencing relationship difficulties?

Having difficulty coming to terms with a change in your life?

Struggling to cope with an addiction or phobia?

Are you suffering from loss or bereavement?

Looking for a place to reflect on & explore unresolved issues?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it is worth asking yourself, how long am I prepared to go on living like that?  Counselling can offer you the opportunity to say no more, and take a step towards positive change.  


When we go through tough times we can often feel isolated, keeping everything inside our own heads.  Counselling provides the opportunity to let those thoughts and feelings out and to examine them in a safe, non-judgemental space - there will be nobody telling you to pull yourself together, grow up or get over it; everything you are feeling will be valued for what it is - a part of who you are that needs care and attention to help you work through it.  

So often we try to bury what we are going through because we feel guilty, angry or ashamed of how we feel.  Ask yourself, what would it feel like to be able to be free from those feelings, to be truly heard and feel listened to - to be able to feel safe enough to share your deepest thoughts?  As your counsellor, my only job will be to support you no matter what problems you are facing.  


Problems such as...

Couples Counselling Romford
Couples counselling in Romford

Choosing the right Counsellor


Making the decision to seek counselling is a difficult one, and choosing a counsellor can seem like an impossible task.  How do you choose one of the many that might be available in your local area? 


You might want to start by asking yourself a few simple questions - such as 'would I prefer a male or female counsellor?'  You may also need to consider whether you would prefer to speak to someone who has a good understanding of your religious, cultural or ethnic background. Your counsellor needs to be someone you can feel safe and comfortable with, so knowing what you are looking for beforehand can make the search a lot easier.


Something else to consider when choosing a therapist is their theoretical approach.  This just means the type of counselling they have studied and trained in.  The Counselling Directory has a useful guide here on helping you decide which counselling approach suits your personality and needs.

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