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THE FIRST STEP towards change.


Reading this means you've taken the first step towards getting help from a professionally trained, qualified, counsellor.  Chances are you're here because you have had enough of a difficult situation in your life, you want to make a change, and now possibly you're deciding whether I might be the person to help you do that.  But first you may well be asking yourself, 'what is counselling exactly?' and 'how can talking to a complete stranger help?'




Counselling, also known as 'talking therapy' provides an environment where the focus is entirely on you.  It's a safe, comfortable environment for you to voice your difficulties. This can be hugely beneficial as sharing your concerns with a counsellor who is trained to listen, understand and help you talk through your feelings can often lead you to better understanding your problems yourself.


This sounds simple enough, and you may wonder how is that any different to talking with a close friend or relative, but how often do you try to share your difficulties with loved ones but find yourself censoring your thoughts and feelings out of embarrassment or in case you upset, anger or worry them?  How often do you find yourself having the same conversations about the same problems but it feels like nothing has really changed?


Perhaps you are the type of person who prefers to bury your problems instead, but how often do you find that they just swirl around and around in your head, distracting you from enjoying your life and getting in the way of having fulfilling relationships?


Counselling gives you the chance to explain your difficulties to someone who doesn't know the people involved and this can be incredibly freeing as it helps you to clarify your thoughts; investigate your feelings; discover new solutions and broaden your understanding of not just your problems, but also yourself completely free from judgement.

Counselling in Romford Essex
Fresh start in counselling in Romford
Counselling in Romford
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Counselling can help people from all walks of life - no matter who you are or where you've come from, having someone available who wants to hear your troubles and support you through tough times can be invaluable in helping us to deal with issues that might otherwise get in the way of living life to the full.  


Whether you're young or old, male or female, black or white, gay or straight - counselling can be a great source of comfort and support, and just might be the solution you have been searching for.


Still not sure if counselling is right for you?  Read more here.

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I would receommend Sarah to anyone looking for a counsellor she was fabulous.  With her support I realised I was allowing myself to be crushed under the weight of everybody elses expectations.  I learned how to put myself first again, and learnt that taking care of myself doesn't mean I am selfish.  I am the master of my thoughts for the first time in years.


J, Rainham

Sarah was very good at helping me to repackage my feelings in a way that is manageable, so I look at things from all angles now rather than getting trapped in unhelpful ways of thinking that were damaging me.  The sessons were tough at times, but Sarah helped me to find the strength to make some long over-due changes to the relationships in my life.


B, Romford

I'm so glad I can give you feedback. If I can help you even a fraction of how you have helped me I will be happy ... you were amazing.  2 months since our last session and my life is almost unrecogniseable.  But in a good way!


P, Romford

I have seen counsellors throughout the years, but something just clicked with you and I felt at ease straight away.  I knew I could tell you the truth I had been holding back for so long and you wouldn't be judging me.  What a gift that is.


V, Brentwood


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